Friday, July 1, 2011

Another video to my collection!

Although I own all of my content, it appears that some people who visit the site consistently flag my videos and they end up getting removed causing broken links.  All of my blog videos will now be hosted on other sites to eliminate this problem. However, with limitations on size (50MB) the videos needed to be compressed and are not very high quality. I recognized this problem before and have a separate secure account for my private videos that are MUCH higher quality and are accessible via a private link which is secure.

I've just added one more video to the collection called 'Slo-Mo Homo' where I pound a hole but not the typical hardcore fucking, rather slow and steady so you can see everything.  I do cum inside him (wearing a condom) and then pour the load onto his face, while he jerks off his uncut cock.

If you are interested in my private collection, past, present and future videos, it is a one-time donation of $30, which now includes 61 videos and over 8.5 hours of cum-filled footage.  Simply email me at for access to the videos you see below: