Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank you for the votes!

Thank you for all of the votes on Best Males Blogs!  As much as I try to compete with the 'big guys' it's just not possible. Even though I've had the most number of votes every single day since February 2nd, I haven't been in the top 10 in any section since March.

Their 'top rated blogs' are those that receive the highest votes, which is a great section. However, they don't 'reset' it every month, so if only 5 people have voted a 5, they'd be in this section, even if that blog hasn't had a new post in nearly two months. Whereas if a blog gets 200 votes, but only average a 4.5, it wouldn't show up.

Their 'most popular' section is determined by sheer traffic from the time the blogged joined the site. However, again, it's not 'reset' every month, so no new and smaller blogs can ever compete with the 'big guys.'

I did write to them asking them if they could create a 'Most voted' section, as I would clearly be in that, but was told 'what you see on Best Male Blogs is created by visitors decisions or movements' which I agree is effective, however it doesn't benefit smaller blogs like mine; just one horny cum-filled guy who just loves sharing his stuff with you.

I'd like to call out all of the other sites that have helped me over the last few months:

I will be continuing to send you a personal private video (one of my favorite ones actually called 'Stud Swallows 8 loads') if you vote for me on Best Male Blogs and email me, however will be ending the contest to reach hundred increments.

As promised here is one of my videos out from the Private Collection called 'Pardon the Horn'.

Click to watch video!

Available in my private collection in much higher quality.