Thursday, July 14, 2011

Calling all Sperminators!

My fan interaction has been amazing and I really enjoy emailing with many of you talking on a personal level.  I'm about to elevate it even further and organize an amazing group activity that we can all 'share.'

During the months of July & August (including the gang-bang, cum-filled party in Tampa on August 13th), I want to share a cum rag with my sperm donor fans. This rag will be used to clean up the cumsluts who have dribbed a bit of your load out of their mouths or their holes.  We'll be sending this cum rag around the U.S. in hopes of getting as many loads on it as possible. After you cum on it or wipe up your load off of your cumsluts, I want you to sign your name on the cum rag.  At the end of the summer, I will then raffle off the cum-covered rag to the cumsluts who just can't get enough cum.  Here is a picture of the appropriately labeled cum rag:

And here is the first load that ended up on the cum-rag from my 'Damn Load' video.

If you are located in the continental U.S. and would like to donate your spunk on this cum rag to be raffled off later, send me an email at putting 'Cum rag' in the subject line and we'll get this thing saturated. Stay tuned for the raffle at the end of the summer!