Monday, July 25, 2011

Amazing Links

I don't usually showcase videos other than my own, but these two are hot!

This is just a guy cumming into a shotglass. I thought I came a ton... NOTHING compared to him!
Click here for the video!

I get bored watching straight porn, but this one is HOT.  Five different guys bust their load in a bitch's ass, which is then poured into a spoon with her drinking it.

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Item: Jock-straps!

A few fans have asked me if I can send them my jockstraps, which I have, but didn't realize how many were interested in them, so I had to buy more.  Some want them covered in cum, some want them soaked in sweat from my hot yoga classes, while others want them soaked in piss... However you want them, I'll make the special for you.  As a bonus, I'm offering a introductory rate through the end of August!  Only $50 (plus $8 domestic Priority shipping) for however you want them.  And like all of my cumtastic items, I'll make a personal video for you saturating them for $15.

If you're interested in a pair, email me at The normal rate of $75 is listed on my cumtastic item list, so just let me know how you want them saturated.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Straight Boy's Secret

A straight boy with a girlfriend lives near me and takes my cock from time to time.  Sometimes after he's done hanging out with with lady, sometimes he stops by before he meets here.  With him, however, he wants it to remain anonymous, so after I buzz him in, he comes directly into my place, strips down, puts on a blindfold and says, 'Ready!'  (The only word I've heard him speak in the 30-40 times I've fucked him.) After he sucks me to get me hard (though I let him suck, versus me fucking his throat), I push him down onto all fours, head down, ass up with a hole that twitches.  Last night as a thank you for reaching 200,000 hits on my blog, I decided to bring you guys into the experience.  He had NO idea I was filming...  Because of that, the lighting isn't great (I did get away with having my camping headlamp on, but while only while fucking since he was head down) and I cum inside him wearing a condom, so there's no cumshot, but you can see my huge load as I pull out.  If you're interested in one of my cum-filled condoms, I now give you the option of one from jacking off or from fucking... YOU CHOOSE!

My 61 other private videos all have great lighting and cumshots, but wanted to share this video with you just as a bonus thank you for reaching 200,000 hits on my blog. 

And my newest video

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One of my SFO Cumsluts!

 Wanted to share some pictures a fan sent me, one whom I'm trying to visit in San Francisco soon. He's 26 years old, 6'2", 170lbs, black hair, brown eyes and one of the biggest cum pigs I've talked to thus far.  Once I do make it down there, his hole will be mine, which he knows and decided to show...

Feel free to send me videos/pictures of you jacking off to my videos, playing with my cum or anything that proves you really want to be one of MY cumsluts. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Contest Winner Shares Cum Video

I had a contest where I asked guys to fill out a quick survey to find out about them, their experiences and their desires.  The U.S. winner received his prize, one of my cum-filled condoms, and made a little video of him playing with my load.  I will be having more contests in the future, so make sure to follow my blog, but if you can't wait to taste me, send me an email at

Would love to hear your comments on what you would have done with my load!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Calling all Sperminators!

My fan interaction has been amazing and I really enjoy emailing with many of you talking on a personal level.  I'm about to elevate it even further and organize an amazing group activity that we can all 'share.'

During the months of July & August (including the gang-bang, cum-filled party in Tampa on August 13th), I want to share a cum rag with my sperm donor fans. This rag will be used to clean up the cumsluts who have dribbed a bit of your load out of their mouths or their holes.  We'll be sending this cum rag around the U.S. in hopes of getting as many loads on it as possible. After you cum on it or wipe up your load off of your cumsluts, I want you to sign your name on the cum rag.  At the end of the summer, I will then raffle off the cum-covered rag to the cumsluts who just can't get enough cum.  Here is a picture of the appropriately labeled cum rag:

And here is the first load that ended up on the cum-rag from my 'Damn Load' video.

If you are located in the continental U.S. and would like to donate your spunk on this cum rag to be raffled off later, send me an email at putting 'Cum rag' in the subject line and we'll get this thing saturated. Stay tuned for the raffle at the end of the summer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Boy's First Speculum

All of those who have access to my private video collection, check out my new video 'Damn Load' in the gallery. At 9 minutes, I tested out a new speculum I just got, on a boy who didn't even know what it was, which is understandable since he's in the military and leads a straight life. He's taken my cock before in a few other films, but after he sucked me for a bit (in which we tried the dental gag, though he didn't like it - Thanks for the donation Alan!), I put him on all fours. I had him relax, lubed up the speculum and slowly inserted it. I cranked it open and rubbed the inside of his hole for a couple minutes, which felt amazing and he enjoyed. I couldn't take it anymore, so I pulled it out and fucked his hole. I hadn't gotten off in nearly a week, so unloaded a 5 days of my baby juice onto his hole that ran down his sack. Another hot fuck on film and a HUGE load! Check out some pictures of the film below.

And I have something that I'll be announcing in a few days that I know all of the fans will LOVE, so check back on Thursday. This cummunity is about to have an amazing interactive opportunity...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Donate your cum for my next video in Tampa!

It's pretty clear my '51 loads for the cumslut video' was pretty popular with the first one viewed over 6 million times on xtube before they deleted my account. I want to make it bigger and better, but need your help to make the video!

All of my loads end up in guys' stomachs or in their asses for my cumstastic videos, or in condoms for my fans, so it's impossible for me to do this alone.  I'm asking for your help!  I have a hot cumslut who wants to be filmed taking a 100-load cumsicle or more if possible with a few of my buddies giving fresh loads.

I'm asking my U.S. fans to save their loads in the freezer in hopes they'll want their sperm to end up in the cumslut.  I'll personally thank you in the video (by name if you want) and send you the video for free. If you want to donate a few loads, email me for the address.

USPS regulations state that you cannot send known hazardous material, so looking for HIV-/STD-free guys.  Also please make sure you double seal the package, preferably in a tied-off condom and then in a ziplock or sealed bag (USPS regulation), while including your name and how many loads you've donated.  AND if you are in near Tampa, Florida and wanted to participate in a HOT porn, send me an email at, putting "Tampa" in the subject line.  I will be filming this on August 13th and if we get more loads, all the better! (Can you imagine a stud taking 1,000 loads at once?)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Survey Results & Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey.  My goal was just to learn as much about my fans as possible and you definitely surprised me with your responses.  In total there were 183 responses! 59 from the cumsluts abroad in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, France, Hungary, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Malaysia, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Scotland, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Venezuela.

Some interesting facts from my cumsluts:
  • 13 of you have had sex with more than 500 guys (6 of you with more than 1,000) so far
  • 28% of you love fucking doggy style (my personal favorite), 22% love it on your back, and 19% of you love biting the pillow
  • Nearly one-third of you have had sex with less than 10 people (with three virgins responding - EMAIL ME at!)
  • You guys have fucked in some crazy places: churches (some in a confessional booths during service), high school library, dentist chair, under a table at a wedding, planes, trains, lots of cars in parking lots, bathrooms of restaurants, store dressing rooms, cemeteries, elevators, upstairs of a london bus, parking garages and many others)
    • I do want to call attention to what I believe are the four craziest responses:
      • JT, from PA fucked behind the 'grand prize' curtain at a black tie gala
      • Reggie, from WA got fucked by 3 clowns at the circus
      • Ricky, from India has fucked on the tomb of a king
      • Lord Patrick has fucked a robed priesthood student over the toilet in the Vatican library
  • 14 of you have taken more than 5,000 loads in your life (7 of you have taken more than 10,000 - Way to go!)
  • The most common response for how many loads you've taken was 19% (10-49 loads) followed by 13% (both 100-199 & 200-499)
  • 53% of you love your own cum, while 4% have never tried it
  • 96% of you have had cum straight from the cock,70% have cum-swapped, 33% have sucked it out of a hole, 3% have had it whipped, 1% have had is fried and 18% have had it frozen
  • You've gotten your cum fixations from cocks, in the mail, out of asses, swapped with other guys, put it in your coffee, on sandwiches, from pussy, licked off of urinals, inside of toilet bowls, dug in the trash to find condoms from neighbors, in sauces when cooking and even injected it into a roast and baked it!
  • A lot of you believe you've seen nearly everything there is to see in porn.... BUT i'm here to prove you wrong.  I have some ideas in the works that will blow your mind (and load!).
    • Already in my collection:
      • 'Speculum Spectacular' Video where after pouring 25 loads into the bottoms opened hole, I cum on it, followed by another cumslut sucking it out of his hole with a straw and feeding it to the bottom.
      • 'Piss Hole' Video where that same bottom has his hole propped open with a speculum while guy pisses into his hole, with the bottom sucking the piss out of his own hole.
  • Some of you have some CRAZY fantasies like getting a tattoo of the word 'slut' on you with guys cumming on the tattoo so the cum becomes part of the tattoo; laying in a bathtub filled with thousands of loads; cum enema's, actual father/son fucking, some bestiality and having a camera inside the bottom's hole so you can watch the top breed the cumslut from the inside.
I've learned SO much about you guys and thank you for being honest and sharing your experiences, most of which made me SUPER hard.

And now what you've been waiting for...

For the survey, I put your survey number on a piece of paper in a bag (one international bag and one domestic bag).

The Winners of the Survey are...

Will from Gloucester, UK
who will receive access to my private videos forever

For the US, I accidentally pulled two numbers out, so BOTH win! (though only one get's my load which was a coin toss with Kenneth cumming up heads)

Kenneth from Boston
who will receive a cum-filled condom
(Click here to watch the video he made with it)


Eddie from Memphis 
who will receive access to my private videos forever

Congratulations to all of the winners!  It was a really fun way to get to know you, so I'm sure I'll do it again.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Another video to my collection!

Although I own all of my content, it appears that some people who visit the site consistently flag my videos and they end up getting removed causing broken links.  All of my blog videos will now be hosted on other sites to eliminate this problem. However, with limitations on size (50MB) the videos needed to be compressed and are not very high quality. I recognized this problem before and have a separate secure account for my private videos that are MUCH higher quality and are accessible via a private link which is secure.

I've just added one more video to the collection called 'Slo-Mo Homo' where I pound a hole but not the typical hardcore fucking, rather slow and steady so you can see everything.  I do cum inside him (wearing a condom) and then pour the load onto his face, while he jerks off his uncut cock.

If you are interested in my private collection, past, present and future videos, it is a one-time donation of $30, which now includes 61 videos and over 8.5 hours of cum-filled footage.  Simply email me at for access to the videos you see below: