Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank you for the votes!

Thank you for all of the votes on Best Males Blogs!  As much as I try to compete with the 'big guys' it's just not possible. Even though I've had the most number of votes every single day since February 2nd, I haven't been in the top 10 in any section since March.

Their 'top rated blogs' are those that receive the highest votes, which is a great section. However, they don't 'reset' it every month, so if only 5 people have voted a 5, they'd be in this section, even if that blog hasn't had a new post in nearly two months. Whereas if a blog gets 200 votes, but only average a 4.5, it wouldn't show up.

Their 'most popular' section is determined by sheer traffic from the time the blogged joined the site. However, again, it's not 'reset' every month, so no new and smaller blogs can ever compete with the 'big guys.'

I did write to them asking them if they could create a 'Most voted' section, as I would clearly be in that, but was told 'what you see on Best Male Blogs is created by visitors decisions or movements' which I agree is effective, however it doesn't benefit smaller blogs like mine; just one horny cum-filled guy who just loves sharing his stuff with you.

I'd like to call out all of the other sites that have helped me over the last few months:

I will be continuing to send you a personal private video (one of my favorite ones actually called 'Stud Swallows 8 loads') if you vote for me on Best Male Blogs and email me, however will be ending the contest to reach hundred increments.

As promised here is one of my videos out from the Private Collection called 'Pardon the Horn'.

Click to watch video!

Available in my private collection in much higher quality.

Monday, June 27, 2011

House-cleaning All Around

While I had to do some Blog house-cleaning yesterday, I also needed some actual house-cleaning performed and thought I'd give some lucky guy that opportunity. I needed my windows cleaned, so what's the best way to do that?  Put an ad on craigslist:

'I'm looking for a submissive guy to come over sometime this week and clean my windows. Ideally you'd be 19-26, lean body, D/D free, submissive and looking to please me. It should only take a little over an hour and you'll be rewarded with my cock (not financially). Only looking for guys who are submissive as my primary goal is to have my windows cleaned. If you have a slave yourself and want to share him for an hour to prove his obedience to you, I'm cool with no reward.'

Although I got the standard 'I want your cock in my mouth/ass' responses, I needed a submissive boy who was willing to put in the work to get a chance at my cock.

I agreed to let a sub guy come over who was instructed to show up in a jock strap and only speak when spoken to; AND must complete every response by addressing me as 'Sir'

Here is a picture of the lucky guy cleaning the screens in my shower (he didn't know I took this pic)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hottest Bottom in the South!

On a recent trip to the South, I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a stud who was up for getting fucked outside in my friend's backyard and having it filmed. I kept getting the 'I'll be there shortly' text, so had basically given up until he texted, 'knock, knock!'  I opened the door to find one of the hottest guys I've ever seen standing in front of me.  He came in and we grabbed two beers and went to the back patio.  He apologized for stringing me along as he had to go to a bar to do some shots as he was nervous about coming over. He asked if it was cool if he got naked to which I was obviously fine with.  Now I'm VERY selfish and not much of a giver, but he was so hot I couldn't help getting on my knees and sucking his cock.  We chilled for a bit, drinking and telling stories, then moved onto the lawn where he got on all fours and I fucked him like crazy.  We took a break and grilled out, naked of course and then I fucked him again before went laid down on the couch to watch a movie.  Uncharacteristically I let him spend the night, where we kissed and cuddled, something I rarely do.  In the morning I made breakfast while he ran to the store to get some champagne and orange juice and afterwards I put him back on the bed for another fuck session.  We were both heading to pool parties later that day, so departed ways, but it was by far the hottest and best hookup I've ever had.  I did take some pictures which he was all about, but the video wasn't a top priority as I was way too into this fine piece of ass to focus on filming.

Click to watch video!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Eight New Videos in My Collection!

I've been traveling the past few weeks and have made some incredible videos with some hot studs, some who were fans that contacted me after seeing my blog. I always encourage fans to send me an email letting me know where they live and about themselves.  I just may be visiting your city soon letting you drink straight from the tap...

I now have 61 videos with over 8.5 hours of cumtastic footage that I want to share with you.  As I increase my collection, I need to slightly increase the price to accommodate storage and bandwidth, so the donation is now $30. However, once you have access to my collection, you'll always have access even as my collection gets larger. So for those who donated before, check out my brand new videos!  Here are short recaps of my the videos:

Asian Abyss - After I used a thawed load as lube on his hole, I pounded him until his hole opened up for my load.

Coitus Condom Fill - A straight boy who's never seen my face got on all fours to take my cock.  That loaded condom ended up being sent to a fan.

Mile-High Messy Hole - A hot Latin slut in Denver took my cock on a hotel bed before getting on the floor and had a gaped open hole I came directly in just before I came on his abs.

Pho Cum Yum - My Asian slut took my cock and I came on his hole, scooping it out with a Pho spoon and feeding it to him.

Phoenix Phacial & Phuck - A slut in Phoenix was blindfolded, took my cock and then my large load on his tongue finishing by cumming on himself.

Russian Gymnast - A ripped slut in Chicago got on his knees and took my load on his tongue just before cumming on his own abs.

Shaving Boy Hole - A top stud wanted to explore his submissive side, which included having his hairy hole shaved smooth for me to pound off film.

Zip-tied Twink - Asian slut is back for more, but got hog-tied this time and took a great facial.

If interested in my growing collection of private videos, just email me at abercrombimale@gmail.com

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Only Two More Weeks to Win!

Only two more weeks for your chance to win! One lucky US winner will receive a cum-filled condom from me and one international winner will receive free access to my private video collection.

All you need to do is fill out the survey by June 30th for your chance to taste me or watch me.  Winners will be announced the week of July 4th. With only 98 entries so far, you have a fair chance to win!

On a separate, I wanted to share a hot experience I had last week while in Chicago.  After talking to a stud on Grindr, I went over to his place where the lights were dimmed (too dim to film) and he was head down, ass up in a jock strap on an ottoman.  By the time I walked over I was already hard as a rock, so spit on my dick and his hole and shoved my cock in his tight hole. He was very lean, so when I grabbed his hips to pull him back on my shaft, I've never had such an easy grip.  I then took my belt, wrapped it around his waist just so I wouldn't break him.  He still had not even turned around at this point and just let out whimpers as I went balls deep in him. After about 10 minutes of rough fucking, I pulled out and shot my 4-day load all over his hole (and took a picture with flash).  I then shoved my dick back inside him wiping my cum with my dick to make sure he got a full breeding.  Afterwards, I pulled up my pants and walked out...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amazing Chicago Blowjob

I started talking to this guy in Chicago via Xtube just before a recent trip there and he came over to give me one of the best blowjobs I've had in a LONG time.  Plus it didn't hurt that he was ripped, had an amazing dick and came a ton.  I hadn't busted my load in over 5 days, so he got quite the mouthful. Unfortunately he's discreet, so I can only post one picture of him on my blog, BUT the incredible video is in my private collection. You can also look at some of his videos on Xtube by clicking here.

Vote for my blog and i'll post a private video!

For every 100 votes, I'll post a private video to my blog!

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Once it hits 200, i'll post yet another private video! Even if you've voted before, you can vote again, which is advantageous to do as I post new videos each time I hit 200 votes. I currently have 6 new videos i'm editing (and making another one in about an hour), so the content won't stop.  I've already posted 5 videos in response to guys voting for me, so keep it up studs! Also, for those who vote for the first time, remember to email me at abercrombimale@gmail.com to let me know you've voted 5 stars and I'll send you one of my favorite private videos!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Country Boys!

I've been traveling quite a bit the past month and have a new found appreciation for country boys.  Over the past month I've made 6 films with some of the hottest guys and thinking about a possible move to the South.  While I'm still editing these films, I wanted to share an old favorite of mine. Most of my newer videos usually result in fucking, however, I do have some new blowjob ones planned for this week in Chicago and VERY excited to share those with my fans via my private gallery.  I will let you know when they're uploaded with some teasers on my blog. Stay tuned!

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This video in my private collection is much higher quality.