Thursday, July 21, 2011

Straight Boy's Secret

A straight boy with a girlfriend lives near me and takes my cock from time to time.  Sometimes after he's done hanging out with with lady, sometimes he stops by before he meets here.  With him, however, he wants it to remain anonymous, so after I buzz him in, he comes directly into my place, strips down, puts on a blindfold and says, 'Ready!'  (The only word I've heard him speak in the 30-40 times I've fucked him.) After he sucks me to get me hard (though I let him suck, versus me fucking his throat), I push him down onto all fours, head down, ass up with a hole that twitches.  Last night as a thank you for reaching 200,000 hits on my blog, I decided to bring you guys into the experience.  He had NO idea I was filming...  Because of that, the lighting isn't great (I did get away with having my camping headlamp on, but while only while fucking since he was head down) and I cum inside him wearing a condom, so there's no cumshot, but you can see my huge load as I pull out.  If you're interested in one of my cum-filled condoms, I now give you the option of one from jacking off or from fucking... YOU CHOOSE!

My 61 other private videos all have great lighting and cumshots, but wanted to share this video with you just as a bonus thank you for reaching 200,000 hits on my blog. 

And my newest video