Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Backyard Threesome

I posted an ad on Craigslist (which has been producing some great resluts (an honest typo for results, but felt appropriate to leave it) looking for a guy to fuck outside in a buddy's backyard, for whom I was house-sitting.  After I found my slut, another bi married guy asked if he could watch.  Of course!  He did man-up and let the slut suck his dick, while I fucked him.  Then while I was shooting my load on his lips, you can watch the biMWM cumming just watching me cover the sluts face, but I forced the slut's head down with my load to suck his cock dry.  Then unplanned, the slut came on his hand while I fingered his hot hole and licked it clean. His face has been slightly edited in these snapshots but in full view in the 10-minute video.  A very hot threesome outside in the backyard, hoping no neighbors saw was transpired... My 57th video in my private collection called 'Backyard Blow & Buttfuck'

Friday, September 23, 2011

Red Head Gets Bred

I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a slut to come over, get on all fours and take my cock (with a 5-day load).  I found and eager lad and can officially mark 'Fuck a red head' off of my sexual to-do list. I asked if I could take a picture of my cock deep inside him and he said one was fine.  However when I removed his glasses so I could go balls deep, I knew he couldn't really see anything, so started taking video.  Plus when I entered his tight hole, I knew he'd quickly forget about everything.  Although I fucked him with a condom, when I shot my load his hole was gaped open and I watched it drip inside.  Though not a 'proper breeding,' here are some pictures of my 56th video called 'Red Head Gets Bred'

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Str8 Boy Fuck & Covering the Cum-Rag!

As I showcased in an earlier post, I was sending a cum rag around the US with 10 different guys using this cum rag to clean up after fucking guys.  Although I had posted pics showing it on one of my boy butts, I made this video today with my 'straight' slut with me shooting some great cumshots on his lower back and cleaning it up with this now crusty cum rag.  If you are interested in this cum rag, along with a cum-filled condom, and a personal private video of me giving one last load on it, either email me at abercrombimale@gmail.com or put a comment on this post letting me know your bid and email address.  My 56th video in my collection called 'Covering the Cum Rag'

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cum Rag and Video for You!

So in an earlier post, I asked my fans if anyone was willing to take on the challenge of passing around a cum rag, wiping the loads off of boys' holes and faces and just covering it with their cum. A few hot guys stepped up to the challenge giving a few loads each, so there is now a total of 25 loads on the cum rag with even more to cum.  As promised, I'm going to auction off the cum rag to the highest bidder, who will receive:
  • Cum-covered cum rag with over 25 loads from 10 guys and counting...
  • One cum-filled condom
  • A personal and private video of me putting on final load on the cum rag
  • Free Priority Domestic Shipping
Bidding will begin at $30.00USD and all bids must be in by midnight (PST) on September 30th.  To bid, simply put your bid in the comment section below with your name & email.  If you do not want to post your email address, simply put your name and then email me directly at abercrombimale@gmail.com with your name and bid price.  Happy Bidding Boys!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Spread & Cum-Fucked!

Just a fun film from my private collection I wanted to share.  This cumslut would leave work early and stop by so as to not let his boyfriend find out, put on a blindfold and either swallow my cock as seen in Pardon the Horn or get on all fours to take my cock.  This time, I put him in spreader bars and used a dildo before, during and after pounding his hole.  He really wanted my load, so I obliged and shot my load on his hole and fucked it back in with a dildo. 

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Private Video Descriptions!

Some of you have asked for the stories behind the videos in my private collection, so click here for some light reading on the descriptions of each of my videos, some of whom don't even know they're on video taking my cock... If you see your boyfriend in one, tell him I say 'Thanks!'

Here is my current collection!

Right now you get 61 videos, over 8.5 hours of cum for a $30 donation.  Any remember, once you have access, you'll always have access to these videos and future videos. As I add more videos, the price will increase. Email me at abercrombimale@gmail.com if you're interested in my collection.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Don't spill a drop

I found a new slut on Craigslist who loved taking my cock. Before he even got home from the first fuck, he asked if he could come back the next day, which I gladly accepted. The first time I didn't even have time to grab my camera before I was balls deep down his throat... however I did get the footage the second time. He was so cum-hungry that as soon as I pulled out and put it near his face, he shoved my cock in his mouth so as to not spill a drop.  I did pull out to bust one load on his upper lip and then let him suck out the rest of my 5-day load. Here are some shots from my 54th film 'Verbal Vanuatu'.