Friday, July 22, 2011

New Item: Jock-straps!

A few fans have asked me if I can send them my jockstraps, which I have, but didn't realize how many were interested in them, so I had to buy more.  Some want them covered in cum, some want them soaked in sweat from my hot yoga classes, while others want them soaked in piss... However you want them, I'll make the special for you.  As a bonus, I'm offering a introductory rate through the end of August!  Only $50 (plus $8 domestic Priority shipping) for however you want them.  And like all of my cumtastic items, I'll make a personal video for you saturating them for $15.

If you're interested in a pair, email me at The normal rate of $75 is listed on my cumtastic item list, so just let me know how you want them saturated.

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