Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cum-covered boxerbriefs, socks, flipflops & shoes for you!

other styles and colors available!

I know some of you are looking for something a bit more than a used cum-filled condom, so want to give you a few more options.  If you're looking for something extremely personal and hot, how about a pair of my boxerbriefs covered in my load.  You can pick which kind you want and i'll bust on the inside cock area or in the ass area, you pick!  I'll let them dry or immediate seal them in a vacuum-sealed bag and ship them off to you for $65 plus shipping.  If you want, I'll even film myself jacking off onto the exact pair of boxerbriefs that you'll get and send you the private link for your viewing pleasure for just $15.

Perhaps you want to wear them to the gym to moisten them up so you can really get the feel of my load. Or sniff them as you jack yourself off? Whatever you want to do with them, know the cum on them was made just for you.  I can ship domestically or internationally, so send me an email at

If you want something a bit smaller, like a sock, I can saturate it with my load for $45. Maybe you want to shove them in your partner's mouth as you fuck them from behind? Or suck on it yourself?  And if you are looking for something a bit more, I also have tons of flip-flops or gym shoes that I can bust all over.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Loaded condoms for my cum-loving sluts!

Do you love cum so much that you can't get enough?  As you can see I cum TONS, so have some extra for you. Do you want to use it as lube to fuck your wife? Do you want to use it as lube on your dildo? Or do you want to rub it on your lips to get you in the mood? (All of which has been done by guys who've gotten my cum-filled used condoms.)

I'm frequently tested, remain negative and completely disease free, don't smoke or do any drugs (not even poppers or weed) and not on any medications.  I've been told my cum is tastes like candy, so if you want a taste, email me at If you're in Seattle, I can meet you or I can ship it. I"ll make a fresh load for you (and will film a private video filling it just for you for only $15 more) and then immediately tie off the condom, wrap it in a papertowel and then use a professional vacuum sealer so it arrives as fresh as directly from the tap.  I send in a Priority flat rate envelope for quick shipping. One condom for $40, two for $75, three for $100, five for $150, ten for $250 or twenty for $400 plus shipping $8 domestic or $18 international (unless you want it expedited which is $35).

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Gallery of Cumtastic Videos!

Click for Larger View!

My collection of videos have finally been updated with longer films and much higher quality (some actually in HD) including some new films that I couldn't post on other sites for fear of the guys' girlfriends finding out.  For access to these 61 films (over 8.5 hours of cum-filled footage), simply email me at For the international cum lovers, the videos are online on a private site, so you'll always have access to them from anywhere and forever! Plus unlike the videos on this blog, my gallery allows you to forward/rewind through the video.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Didn't realize how much cum I produce...

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Re-editing all of my videos proves to be fun! They are longer, 
better quality and really 'showcase' some fun shots like this!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New & Better Videos Cumming Soon!

While I do have all of my old videos available for a donation, I am working on improving all of them. When they were posted on X-tube, there was a maximium limit of 50MB/video. I no longer have a limit, so some videos have gone from 48MB to 377MB in size, which means they are longer and in MUCH better quality. Some were actually filmed in HD, so you'll really be able to see dramatic improvements.

I invite you to subscribe or 'follow' my blog so you can keep up with all of the cumming!

And if you would like access to my 61 private videos, send me an email at Happy Wanking boys!

UPDATE: February 5th:  I now have 28 videos in high-quality!
UPDATE: March 31st: Up to 36 videos with more cumming shortly!
UPDATE: June 20th: Now have 48 videos in my collection!
UPDATE: August 21st: 54 videos now available!
UPDATE: November 7th: 61 videos for your wanking pleasure!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is this enough cum for you?

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How much cum do I actually shoot?  Well you can see it in this video of my cumming into a waterglass and then again in slow motion. It is quite spectacular if I do say so myself!

My 51 loads for a cumslut video!

Click to watch the video!

My private video collection includes this video in much higher quality.

This is my temporary location since X-tube deleted my profile (jockinseattle)

Hey guys,  If you're really interested in cum, follow my blog all4cum as I'll be posting some crazy videos and hot true stories...

If you were a friend on xtube when i had the profile jockinseattle, my new profile name is all4cum so feel free to add me again!  And make sure to follow me on here!  My new blogspot site all4cum -