Monday, July 11, 2011

Boy's First Speculum

All of those who have access to my private video collection, check out my new video 'Damn Load' in the gallery. At 9 minutes, I tested out a new speculum I just got, on a boy who didn't even know what it was, which is understandable since he's in the military and leads a straight life. He's taken my cock before in a few other films, but after he sucked me for a bit (in which we tried the dental gag, though he didn't like it - Thanks for the donation Alan!), I put him on all fours. I had him relax, lubed up the speculum and slowly inserted it. I cranked it open and rubbed the inside of his hole for a couple minutes, which felt amazing and he enjoyed. I couldn't take it anymore, so I pulled it out and fucked his hole. I hadn't gotten off in nearly a week, so unloaded a 5 days of my baby juice onto his hole that ran down his sack. Another hot fuck on film and a HUGE load! Check out some pictures of the film below.

And I have something that I'll be announcing in a few days that I know all of the fans will LOVE, so check back on Thursday. This cummunity is about to have an amazing interactive opportunity...


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