Monday, May 30, 2011

Cum relfection

Email from a fan who got a pair of my cum-covered boxerbriefs and a cum-filled condom.  Actually gave me a hard-on reading it...

"Dude...sweetest cum I've ever tasted.  

I froze the condom and before I went to bed, fingered my hole with bitch heat anticipation of the impending blessing of YOUR seed filling it up.  Once that rosebud was sufficiently gaping open, I took it out of the freezer and slid that sperm cube right up into my waiting hungry cunthole.  It melted your frozen swimmers instantly...all the while I was imagining it was part of that cumsicle you fed that oh, so lucky cockwhore in your private video.  Then I dipped my fingers into my hot cummy hole and licked your sweet man nectar off my slit fingering digits.

The vacuum sealed boxer briefs were absolute heaven!!!  Once unleashed from their vacuum sealed pack, they still moist and rife with your hot manly scent.  I sniffed the vapors right out of the very fabric fibers like the cum hungry Hoover-pig I was.  The scent of your cum put me in what I call my "cum pig" trance...where if you'd have been there, you could easily had me doing shit I'd never have imagined I'd do just from the hotness of your scent.  I had to sleep with your boxer briefs on my face that night.  In the morning, I moistened them back up by stuffing the cum stained pouch that once corralled that fine piece of manhood of yours into my salivating slut's mouth.  I fingered my cunt hole and got instantly hard thinking about your seed still being in there...having staked it's long distance claim to my hole.  Blew a load off into them and sucked off my cum mixed with the little bit that was left of yours from the wet fabric.  Serious dude, no doubt...absolutely delicious.

Guess you could say I enjoyed them...better than a Buster Bar at the D-Q, thanks for sharing!

One satisfied customer, Mark"

If you, too, want to taste me, send me an email

Monday, May 23, 2011

Cum-filled condoms for a fan!

A cumslut in Denver bought a loaded condom from me to put in his ass and finger so we could taste me and sent me the video of it.  You can also receive one cum-filled condom for $40 plus shipping.  If you're looking for more loads, you can buy two for $75, three for $100, five for $150, ten for $250, or twenty for $400. (plus shipping).  Email me at for more information.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cum-covered briefs for a fan

Just a personal video for a fan who bought a pair of my cum-covered boxer briefs. If interested in a pair, email me at

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Filmed in HD, this is available in much higher quality in my private collection.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

On all fours!

Not a full video and my worst filming job ever, but shows my favorite position when fucking a guy... him on all fours, head down, ass up, so I can grip is hips and pull them back onto my cock. Unfortunately with this guy, he didn't want filmed and I wasn't about to choose pulling out over having another video, so turned the camera off. I did however fill up the condom with my load for a fan of mine who loves my loads from fucking guys as they're usually the largest. If you prefer I send you a loaded condom from a fuck, versus jacking off, just let me know.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Win a cum-filled condom or access to my videos!

I want to know more about my fans, so I've created a short 10-question survey to learn about your sexual behaviors.  As a thank you,  one lucky US winner will receive a cum-filled condom from me and one international winner will receive free access to my private video collection.

All you need to do is fill out the survey by June 30th for your chance to taste me or watch me.  Winners will be announced the week of July 4th.

Friday, May 13, 2011

College Reunion Cock! (or shall I say Virgin ass!)

One of the most ‘out-of-the-blue’ and hottest experiences I had at college…. But it wasn’t while I was in school, surprisingly.   I went to school in a very preppy and affluent college in the Midwest, mainly because at my visit senior year, everyone (both guys and girls) was ridiculously hot.  I’ll share my college experiences at another time, but had to get this most recent adventure out.   While in school I bartended at pretty fun restaurant and bar where most of the jocks and fraternity guys hung out.  Yes, that resulted in some fun times, but nothing compared to this hot and funny story.

The restaurant/bar building was being torn down last month, so a few friends and I ventured back to re-live our days and have a little reunion (7 years after we all worked there).  In the last few months, the downstairs restaurant had turned into just a bar, mainly one that was rented out for parties.  Upon arriving, I was introduced to the current staff (of two), who noted they had heard of me and were anxious to meet me. Having still kept in contact and remained friends with the owners, the staff was basically told I could drink whatever I wanted complimentarily…  That never leads to ANYTHING good!

After 5 or so drinks, the crowd starting showing up as the bar had been rented out by two fraternities for their “Mom’s weekend.”  Apparently the estimated number for the party was about 50, manageable by a staff of two. Well that wasn’t the case, and as each guy came in with his mother, my horniness increased.  The bartender was getting overwhelmed, so I jumped back behind the bar and started helping him, while my two friends began cocktail serving.  Because the bar was closing the following night and I had free reign, I took over and started making shots, giving them away to the hot guys (and partaking), while also flirtatiously apologizing for making their drinks strong. 

At one point this mom came up and asked me to turn up the music, so I did and then she wanted to dance.  She was pretty hot, so I did another shot with her and got my groove on.  At this point, I’m considering taking her out of the bar and home to have a little fun. She grabbed my ass, began kissing my neck and then once on the lips, but with the bar still busy, I told her to find me later and went back behind the bar to make drinks for the boys again.  Stud after stud kept coming to me because they knew I was making strong drinks and giving free shots. I was going crazy in thinking what I would have done to them back when I was in school there, but as a 30 y/o in a bar surrounded by straight fraternity guys and their moms, I should just focus on getting drunk. 

I headed to the bathroom at the front of the bar which so small it only had a mini-sink, urinal and toilet.  I walk in and see this stud pissing on the floor.  He’s barely 21, about 5’10, dark hair, cute-boyish face and tight lean body. Out of respect for my friends (the bar owners) I said, ‘Dude, What the fuck are you doing?’  I had served him a few drinks (probably a few too many), so he thought that I legitimately worked there.  He responded saying, ‘It’s closing, so I figured whynot?’  I then said, ‘Yeah, but I’m wearing flip-flops.’  The stud then started pulling paper towels off the rack and began making a paper trail to the urinal for me, which drew a chuckle, but also intrigue.  With each paper towel he put down, I took a step toward the urinal until the least one he placed… when he came back up and stopped right at my upper thigh and put his face into my pants. 

I pulled him up, shoved him against the stall door, took his hands above his head, held them together with my left hand and grabbed his jaw and started kissing him.  Somehow no one had yet come into the bathroom, but he wiggled out of my hold, opened the stall door and pulled me inside.  He got down on his knees, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and started sucking it.  I think it’s clear by know I don’t really sit back and get head, so in my style, I took the back of his head and started face-fucking his throat.  Just then, someone came in and started calling out, ‘John, let’s go man!’  I looked down and he had his finger in front of his mouth in a whisper pose, so I grunted and started pissing (my original intent of heading there in the first place) to let the guy know it wasn’t his buddy. The guy left and I asked three important questions:  Is your mom in town?  Yes.  Is she staying with you? No.  Are you staying with her? No.  ‘Perfect!’ Knowing that, I gave him my phone and told him to call me when he dropped off his mom.

I went about my night bar-hopping with friends and then got the text about 2am asking me to come to his fraternity house.  I knew exactly where it was as that fraternity had bid on me to join, but I declined.  He met me out front and took me in the back door, straight to his room, where he lived alone.  I passed a couple hot guys on the way, but the passing conversation was just ‘hey.’  As soon as we went into his room, I sat down on his bed and noticed all of the typical straight college boy d├ęcor like the row of Absolut bottles lining a shelf, a Sport Illustrated poster hanging on the back of his door and no consideration of folding his clothes.  I pulled him close to me and we started passionately kissing.  I rarely kiss guys I’m going to just hook-up with, but I knew this had to happen in order to ‘get the job done’ plus I actually liked it.  I unbuttoned his pants, while kissing him and pulled his pants down around his ankles.  I then grabbed both ass cheeks, gripping them firmly and spread them apart hearing a little whimper.  I knew I had him now.

I stood up and threw him on the bed face down and took his pants of completely while noticing his perfect bubble ass.  I laid on top of him, cocked his head to the left and began kissing him.  After a minute or so I was even harder and then he whispered, ‘I’ve never been fucked.’  That’s my cue!  I started kissing him more aggressively, licked my finger, rolled to the side and began fingering his tight pink hole. Just knowing it had never been touched like that made me precum like you wouldn’t believe. I switched from tapping to rubbing to tickling to pushing, which evoked a whimper until he finally said, ‘I want you in me bro.’

I must admit I have a special place for virgins and honestly feel I have the perfect length and girth for first-timers (not too thick, not too long… just right!) I took off my pants and laid down on my back, pulling him on top of me.  I made him straddle my shaft, while I lifted up his shirt to see his amazing abs and the perfect V we all strive for. I guided my cock to his hole and told him to relax, slowly pushing him down on my cock, a position I’ve found to be best for virgins.  His hole was tighter than anyone’s I’ve fucked before, but just swallowed my cock in pure animalistic hunger. Inch by inch I saw his eyes roll into the back of his head as his bottom jaw became relaxed.  He was now balls deep on my dick, so I grabbed his neck and pulled him toward me to kiss.  This also allowed me to re-adjust, pulling my knees up, so I could begin slowing thrusting inside him.  Every thrust made him grunt which was music to my ears.

After a few minutes of him riding me, I decided it was time to show him what it’s all about, so without pulling out, I picked him up, maneuvered off the bed and put him on his back with his hole just over the edge.  I put his legs on my shoulders and told him to relax again.  Still working on loosening up his hold I fucked him for another few minutes just so he could get used to my cock.  Next was the real fun as I pulled his left leg over my head, spinning him on my dick and flipping him on his stomach.  I pushed him farther up on the bed and climbed on top.  I started slowly, but began pounding his hole faster and faster.  Each thrust made us move closer to the wall, until eventually his head was hitting the wall.  I grabbed a pillow and shoved it between his head and the wall, fucking him with more force and faster until he said, ‘I wanna jack off while you’re inside me.’  You got it!  I eased him back on his knees by grabbing his hips with the intent to flip him over, but doggy-style is my favorite position. I wanted to oblige him, but couldn’t resist holding onto his hip bones and pulling them back on my shaft.  I don’t think he had the energy to jack off at this point as his head just fell into the pillow and his whimpers started getting louder.

I pulled him back, while stepping off the bed, flipped him over on his back, all while staying inside his hole.  I threw his legs on my shoulders again and grabbed his hands with mine.  Using them as leverage I pulled him back as I thrust, essentially turning him into a ragdoll.  Every motion made his dick flop back on his 6-pack abs, but I saw him getting harder as I re-positioned myself to hit his never-before-touched prostate with my throbbing cock.  I clenched my dick when hitting it to give that extra sensation and continued fucking him harder and harder until he said, ‘dude, I’m gonna cum.’  Still with my hands gripping his wrists, I pounded away watching his eyes roll back. After about 20 seconds, I heard a whimper-moan unlike no other and watched his dick stand straight up and shoot out the first load with an enormous amount just oozing out. This sent me into ecstasy, so while he was still cumming, I said, ‘Dude, I’m going to bust’ and surprisingly he said, ‘Fill me up.’  Not knowing what he was getting himself into, I came and came and came as my loads are always large, but had a 5-day load anxious to find a home.

When I was finished, I crashed on top of him and kissed him.  He whispered, ‘I can’t believe that just happened’ to which I responded, ‘No kidding!’  He then asked where I lived, so I told him Seattle to which he replied, ‘You don’t go to school here?’  ‘No man, just visiting for the weekend,’ I said.  ‘Fuck, so this was a one-time thing?’  ‘Yeah, unless you want to visit me bro.’  Poor kid just couldn’t get enough….

I pulled out and grabbed a shirt to clean-up his messy, yet beautifully cum-covered stomach and put on my pants, while he threw on a pair of shorts. He walked me out the back door, while I passed a few of his fraternity brothers, mostly shirtless again as it was 3am.   I told him to give me a ring if he’s ever in Seattle and couldn’t help but reflect on how I was able to score such a hot piece of virgin fraternity straight boy ass…  I walked back up to my old bar and went in the backdoor.  Although it was closed, I grabbed a beer out of the walk-in and went to the front where my friends were hanging out with the biggest grin on my face. All I said was ‘Hook, line and sinker!’ which made them chuckle and we began reminiscing about our time years ago.

The following day I ran to the bookstore to get a t-shirt and who did I see walking down the street, but my bred straight boy walking with his mom.  I stopped dead in my tracks, not because he was ever hotter during the day in his cargo shorts, flip-flops and tight polo… BUT because his mom was the hot mom who tried to make-out with me than 20 minutes prior to her son sucking my dick in the bathroom!  Had she only known that I would take her son’s virginity, I doubt she would have been so inclined.

To discourage any family awkwardness, I quickly ducked into a sandwich shop only thinking that if I had stayed for a few nights in town, I could have even more stories.  However, my next trip is already planned…

Monday, May 2, 2011

Taste Me, Tease You Promotion Extended through June

Attention Cum-Lovers!
Guys have praised my promotion, so I've extended it for another two months. If you've been thinking about tasting me and watching some of my videos, here's your chance.  Now, until the end of June, I'm offering the 'Taste Me, Tease You' package which includes:
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