Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Str8 Boy Fuck & Covering the Cum-Rag!

As I showcased in an earlier post, I was sending a cum rag around the US with 10 different guys using this cum rag to clean up after fucking guys.  Although I had posted pics showing it on one of my boy butts, I made this video today with my 'straight' slut with me shooting some great cumshots on his lower back and cleaning it up with this now crusty cum rag.  If you are interested in this cum rag, along with a cum-filled condom, and a personal private video of me giving one last load on it, either email me at or put a comment on this post letting me know your bid and email address.  My 56th video in my collection called 'Covering the Cum Rag'

Click to watch Video!


  1. I'd lick that all up