Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cum Rag and Video for You!

So in an earlier post, I asked my fans if anyone was willing to take on the challenge of passing around a cum rag, wiping the loads off of boys' holes and faces and just covering it with their cum. A few hot guys stepped up to the challenge giving a few loads each, so there is now a total of 25 loads on the cum rag with even more to cum.  As promised, I'm going to auction off the cum rag to the highest bidder, who will receive:
  • Cum-covered cum rag with over 25 loads from 10 guys and counting...
  • One cum-filled condom
  • A personal and private video of me putting on final load on the cum rag
  • Free Priority Domestic Shipping
Bidding will begin at $30.00USD and all bids must be in by midnight (PST) on September 30th.  To bid, simply put your bid in the comment section below with your name & email.  If you do not want to post your email address, simply put your name and then email me directly at abercrombimale@gmail.com with your name and bid price.  Happy Bidding Boys!


  1. I want this SO bad and will email you directly with my info. I'm bidding $50 and cannot wait to taste your sweet seed! Joe in SLC

  2. Jake in Oklahoma CitySeptember 21, 2011 at 9:37 PM

    I bid $55

  3. Hey beau, I'm a huge cumpig from Mass and really want that cumrag. I'm bidding $100! Will send you an email too. -Justin