Monday, June 27, 2011

House-cleaning All Around

While I had to do some Blog house-cleaning yesterday, I also needed some actual house-cleaning performed and thought I'd give some lucky guy that opportunity. I needed my windows cleaned, so what's the best way to do that?  Put an ad on craigslist:

'I'm looking for a submissive guy to come over sometime this week and clean my windows. Ideally you'd be 19-26, lean body, D/D free, submissive and looking to please me. It should only take a little over an hour and you'll be rewarded with my cock (not financially). Only looking for guys who are submissive as my primary goal is to have my windows cleaned. If you have a slave yourself and want to share him for an hour to prove his obedience to you, I'm cool with no reward.'

Although I got the standard 'I want your cock in my mouth/ass' responses, I needed a submissive boy who was willing to put in the work to get a chance at my cock.

I agreed to let a sub guy come over who was instructed to show up in a jock strap and only speak when spoken to; AND must complete every response by addressing me as 'Sir'

Here is a picture of the lucky guy cleaning the screens in my shower (he didn't know I took this pic)

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