Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Calling Asian Cumsluts!

I'm sorry to all of my fans for my large absence the past year.  With a move to Los Angeles, CA it means a new job, new friends, and most importantly new boys to fuck!!!  I've continued to film cumsluts and will be posting videos soon.  Above is a picture of me fucking an Asian slut here in L.A.

I have some travels coming up, so if you're in one of these cities, make sure to email me at abercrombimale@gmail.com

April 26th- April 30th - Hong Kong
April 30th - May 2 - Bangkok, Thailand
May 2nd - May 4th - Chiang Mai, Thailand
May 4th - May 6th - Yangon, Myanmar
May 6th - May 7th - Bagan, Myanmar
May 7th - May 8th - Mandalay, Myanmar
May 8th - May 9th - Yangon, Myanmar


  1. Finally, post some soon

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  3. Would love to add such videos to facial compilation. I am just loving it.