Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Unintentional Ass to Mouth

I'm not even sure how to preface this video other than by saying that when I need to get off, I'll stop at nothing, but usually don't have too far to go...  So my straight boy came over for a breeding (the only guy I'll do that with). He laid down on his back on my dining table with his head over the back for me to fuck his throat. However, he tends to push away, so I put his legs up and used a spreader bar behind them to keep his hands down and his ass up.  After fucking his throat, I entered his hole with just a little bit of spit. I then grabbed his cock and held it while holding the spreader bar and pounded his hole raw. I also decided that while I had him tied up, I'd double penetrate him with a small dildo, something he didn't want, but was tied up, so not his decision. Well, this straight boy got so dominated that he came way before I was ready to bust my load. What's amazing is that you can see his load seep out of his hole slowly since i'm pinching it off by holding the bar, all while he has no control over anything.  Here are some pictures from that session:

However, after he came he wasn't too interested in being fucked anymore, and I wasn't even close so.... I called up another slut and went over to his place.  Unfortunately I was so horned up, I 'forgot' to shower and went straight over to feed him.  When I showed up, he immediately dropped to his knees and started sucking my sloppy freshly 'just fucked a raw ass' cock while I looked at pictures of him and his boyfriend around his apartment.  Like the cumslut he is, he kept his tongue out and curved so you can see my loads build up before he swallows and gave me a smile.  In my 73rd video, "Unintentional ATM" two cock-sucking sluts were given the pleasure of my baby batter.


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