Sunday, October 16, 2011

Voting Promotion is Back!

Are you interested in one of my newest videos?  Well I am asking your help in trying to reach 600 votes on Best Male Blogs.  In return, I will release one of my newer private videos (and a personal favorite of mine) called "Alaska's Sloppy Crevice".  In this video, a cumslut sucks my dick until I put him on all fours and loosen him up with a dildo.  Between that and me pounding his nearly-virgin hole, when I pulled out, I was amazed at how gaped open it was and had no choice but to bust right inside.  Click HERE to vote 5 stars and once I reach 600 top votes, I'll post this hot video (some pics from the video below)! Remember you can vote once per day, so feel free to do that so I post the video sooner. More than 1,000 people visit my blog everyday, so if everyone votes, I could post this video by the end of the day...

Currently at 587 on 12.16.11

Best Male Blogs - naked men, gay porn, homo culture, queer blogs



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