Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tampa Piggy Fuck!

So I'm sure most of you have had challenges setting up group scenes and I wish I could say I cannot relate, however I CAN!  Last week I flew to Tampa to meet some fans and film a hot gang-bang scene with lots of cumplay.  After going through 4 different bottom sluts who were so eager to get gang-banged, but then just stopped responding to emails, I was getting nervous as I had 8 confirmed tops lined up. Day of, I thankfully found one bottom slut who was smokin' hot. Just as the bottoms flaked, so did most of the tops.  Two top guys came over, one who was super hot and another whom I sent away immediately upon walking in.  If you don't look like your pictures or don't send a pic and say, 'I'm VGL", be prepared to be turned away at the door.  The video that resulted was a very hot raw fuck with a great cumshot and my first 'underneath' footage.  Here are some still of the scene and the video is now the 53rd video in my private collection called 'Tampa Piggy Fuck'.

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