Monday, May 30, 2011

Cum relfection

Email from a fan who got a pair of my cum-covered boxerbriefs and a cum-filled condom.  Actually gave me a hard-on reading it...

"Dude...sweetest cum I've ever tasted.  

I froze the condom and before I went to bed, fingered my hole with bitch heat anticipation of the impending blessing of YOUR seed filling it up.  Once that rosebud was sufficiently gaping open, I took it out of the freezer and slid that sperm cube right up into my waiting hungry cunthole.  It melted your frozen swimmers instantly...all the while I was imagining it was part of that cumsicle you fed that oh, so lucky cockwhore in your private video.  Then I dipped my fingers into my hot cummy hole and licked your sweet man nectar off my slit fingering digits.

The vacuum sealed boxer briefs were absolute heaven!!!  Once unleashed from their vacuum sealed pack, they still moist and rife with your hot manly scent.  I sniffed the vapors right out of the very fabric fibers like the cum hungry Hoover-pig I was.  The scent of your cum put me in what I call my "cum pig" trance...where if you'd have been there, you could easily had me doing shit I'd never have imagined I'd do just from the hotness of your scent.  I had to sleep with your boxer briefs on my face that night.  In the morning, I moistened them back up by stuffing the cum stained pouch that once corralled that fine piece of manhood of yours into my salivating slut's mouth.  I fingered my cunt hole and got instantly hard thinking about your seed still being in there...having staked it's long distance claim to my hole.  Blew a load off into them and sucked off my cum mixed with the little bit that was left of yours from the wet fabric.  Serious dude, no doubt...absolutely delicious.

Guess you could say I enjoyed them...better than a Buster Bar at the D-Q, thanks for sharing!

One satisfied customer, Mark"

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