Friday, January 28, 2011

Loaded condoms for my cum-loving sluts!

Do you love cum so much that you can't get enough?  As you can see I cum TONS, so have some extra for you. Do you want to use it as lube to fuck your wife? Do you want to use it as lube on your dildo? Or do you want to rub it on your lips to get you in the mood? (All of which has been done by guys who've gotten my cum-filled used condoms.)

I'm frequently tested, remain negative and completely disease free, don't smoke or do any drugs (not even poppers or weed) and not on any medications.  I've been told my cum is tastes like candy, so if you want a taste, email me at If you're in Seattle, I can meet you or I can ship it. I"ll make a fresh load for you (and will film a private video filling it just for you for only $15 more) and then immediately tie off the condom, wrap it in a papertowel and then use a professional vacuum sealer so it arrives as fresh as directly from the tap.  I send in a Priority flat rate envelope for quick shipping. One condom for $40, two for $75, three for $100, five for $150, ten for $250 or twenty for $400 plus shipping $8 domestic or $18 international (unless you want it expedited which is $35).


  1. Hi...nothing can be more exciting or erotic than sucking another's cum from a condom. that is if I can't get it directly from sucking cock. Love to run my tongue deep into it play with it a bit before allowing the cum to run down on my tongue Perhaps I will take you up on your offer someday soon. Loved your vids feeding the various guys a good load..really liked the one where you poured from a glass while being sucked!

  2. i dearly love loaded condoms.
    you made me jack off, when you said, "do you want to use it as lube to fuck your wife"
    actually, i like putting them over my tongue, when loaded. sucking kissing them. i want some.

  3. me love all the cum you can load in my ass love it i wear diapers and rubber baby pants too babyleroy my name love gay cock my game cum pump my tight buttpussy your love it

  4. Fresh cum is better, and condom changes the taste.

  5. Can I Oraquick test your cum for HIV ?