Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cum-covered boxerbriefs, socks, flipflops & shoes for you!

other styles and colors available!

I know some of you are looking for something a bit more than a used cum-filled condom, so want to give you a few more options.  If you're looking for something extremely personal and hot, how about a pair of my boxerbriefs covered in my load.  You can pick which kind you want and i'll bust on the inside cock area or in the ass area, you pick!  I'll let them dry or immediate seal them in a vacuum-sealed bag and ship them off to you for $65 plus shipping.  If you want, I'll even film myself jacking off onto the exact pair of boxerbriefs that you'll get and send you the private link for your viewing pleasure for just $15.

Perhaps you want to wear them to the gym to moisten them up so you can really get the feel of my load. Or sniff them as you jack yourself off? Whatever you want to do with them, know the cum on them was made just for you.  I can ship domestically or internationally, so send me an email at

If you want something a bit smaller, like a sock, I can saturate it with my load for $45. Maybe you want to shove them in your partner's mouth as you fuck them from behind? Or suck on it yourself?  And if you are looking for something a bit more, I also have tons of flip-flops or gym shoes that I can bust all over.


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