Saturday, February 18, 2012

Choke the Bloke

I convinced this slut to put on a blindfold and make the whole encounter anonymous so that I could film and share it with my fans. He put on a blindfold even before entering my place. I stripped him down and put him in spreader bars with the arm bar spread wide and the leg spreader bar close together, with each connected to keep him on all fours. With great sunlight, I pounded him hard until I was ready to bust and made him curve his tongue to keep every drop. While still shooting, he choked on my load, but came back for more.  My 69th video, 'Choke the Bloke' is now one of my favorites with some shots below:

Monday, February 6, 2012

CBT in the PIT

While visiting Pittsburgh, I met up with a slut who said he would pretty much do anything.  After ripping a hole in his briefs and torturing his balls, I opened up his hole with a giant dildo.  And a first for me, while fucking him the condom broke, which he said he felt.  Have any of your bottoms felt the condom break inside you?  I re-wrapped and pounded him until I shot on his hole and fucked it back in with the huge dildo.  He begged me to rinse him off, so although not on film, I saturated him with my piss while he jerked off.  A great start to my evening before I even hit the bars! My 68th video (CBT in the PIT) with some pictures below.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Seeded Straight Boy

After my recent std test, I decided to give into the straight boy who has been begging me to take my raw cock... and my load.  While I almost always play safe, there are circumstances of which I will fuck bareback.  We were both tested two weeks ago and since he hasn't been with anyone other than me in the last couple months, I decided to give him a late Christmas gift. Instead of being on all fours, I put him on his back on my dining room table, which also allowed for better lighting.  I love seeing a gaped open hole and came even harder because of it. A proper breeding as I fucked my load inside him churning it while he came all over himself. Here are some shots from my 67th video 'Seeded Straight Boy'.