Monday, February 6, 2012

CBT in the PIT

While visiting Pittsburgh, I met up with a slut who said he would pretty much do anything.  After ripping a hole in his briefs and torturing his balls, I opened up his hole with a giant dildo.  And a first for me, while fucking him the condom broke, which he said he felt.  Have any of your bottoms felt the condom break inside you?  I re-wrapped and pounded him until I shot on his hole and fucked it back in with the huge dildo.  He begged me to rinse him off, so although not on film, I saturated him with my piss while he jerked off.  A great start to my evening before I even hit the bars! My 68th video (CBT in the PIT) with some pictures below.


  1. What a slut he was. I like guys like that.

  2. Wow stud, you can stick your dick in my ass and mouth without ever putting on a condom. I want to feel you fill my ass with your warm cum...then cum in my mouth.

  3. You can cum in my, mouth