Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Don't Spill A Drop!

An insatiable latino bottom found me online and begged me for my cock.  He came over and got on his hands and knees with his ass in the air.  While fucking (and filming it of course) I took a few pictures which showed the inner ring of his hole pull out with the head of my cock, which got me even harder. I also made him reach around with his face planted on the ground and grab his ass cheeks to spread them apart so I could go even deeper Then when I started pulling all the way out just to see his hole gaped open and inviting me back in for more thrusting.  He was very hungry so when I pulled out just before cumming, he shoved my cock in his mouth as to not spill a drop. In a strange turn of events, two days later I hit up my buddy and asked him if he wanted to tag-team this stud with me.  His response, "I fucked him yesterday, ha!"  This slut gets around, but with a hole like that I'm not complaining. In my 70th video, 'Don't Spill a Drop' this slut showed his amazing hole featured in some pictures from the video below: