Sunday, April 24, 2011

Most Votes on BestMaleBlogs!

My fans have far surpassed my expectations, currently with 274 votes on Best Male Blogs. Somehow I'm not #1 (belonging to Gay Demon with 130 votes), but as promised, here is another private video of mine. Entitled "Lunchtime Blowjob" the slut works near my office, so I use his throat on my lunch break in a closet at his building.

Click to watch video!

This video in my private collection is much higher quality.

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Showers!

Some of you have been asking if I can send my sweat or piss... and the answer is absolutely.  Now you may wonder how will I really be able to send you my sweat, but if you saw me after my daily hot yoga (drenched in my own sweat after being in a 105 degree room with other sweaty bodies) you'd understand.  My boxerbriefs and towel mat can be rung out it's so saturated. With my professional vacuum sealer, I easily seal them immediately when get home, so they'll arrive just as moist as when they were clinging to my body. And just as my cum-covered boxerbriefs, I'll let you pick which ones I saturate, all for $65 (plus shipping).

If you want piss-soaked boxerbriefs, it's the same price as sweat-soaked.  And remember I can make a private video of me pissing on your personally selected boxerbriefs for just $15.  If you want a jar of my piss (either clear or dark), email me to let me know how much you want and we'll work out a price.

And for an April 'shower' theme, here's a hot piss video of the guy in '51 Loads for the Cumslut' getting saturated after taking all of that cum. Just one of the 61 private videos in my growing collection.

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