Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thank you for 200 Votes!

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Thank you to all of you who have voted for my blog on Best Male Blogs. I've learned that each blog over 100 votes  is reset to 100 votes at the first of the month.  A dumb rule and not applicable to blogs who reach 200 (of which mine is the only one!).  Needless to say, if my blog reaches 200 votes each month, i'll post a new private video such as this one called 'Volcanic Eruption', so make sure to share my blog with friends and fuckbuds! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

New Private Videos!

Hey Cum-lovers!  I've been busy editing some videos, so now have 61 videos in my collection with 5 new ones (including the Palmed Teeth one below which I've made public here).  Here are the descriptions:
  • 'Alaska's Sloppy Crevice' was a hot little 21 y/o who was on his way up to Alaska for work. He never really deep-throated before, so I gave him a proper training, with him eventually being able to take my entire cock down to the balls. His hole was too tight, so had to loosen it up with a dildo, then pounded away.  He wanted me to cum on his hole, but I didn't realize when I pulled out, his hole would be gaping open, so my load just drip inside him...

  • 'Shadowed Drip' is just a short video of this very discreet guy who loves cum.  You can't see much other than some of my load dripping from his chin, which is hot.
  • 'Cum-filled Tramp' is a slut who was head-down, ass-up when I arrived.  I pushed a frozen load in his hole to help lube him up, then another thawed load for even more lube. I pounded his hole for awhile and then came on his hole, pushing it in so he had 3 full loads inside him.  I then zipped up and left.

  • 'Palmed Teeth' is the same guy from the budapest videos who tends to use too much teeth.  Although he only visits once a year, it's a treat.  I gripped his upper jaw to avoid the teeth and shoved my cock all the way down his throat pretty vigorously. After cumming on his face, he flipped over and gave himself a facial. That video is public in the post below...
As a reminder, my collection of videos is available to you for a one-time donation of $30.  That gives you access to my past, present and future videos.  No re-curring or monthly charges, just one-time.  I currently have 61 videos and editing a few more as I type this.  Also have plans to make more videos, but as my collection grows, so will the price.  However, once you donate, you're locked in and never have to pay again. To donate for access to my collection of videos email me at abercrombimale@gmail.com.  

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The solution to 'too much teeth'

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Video is much higher quality in my private collection.

I've solved the problem of boys using too much teeth.  My budapest boy came back into town and wanted a rough face-fucking.  He also proved his skills in self-facials...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

One of my Cocksuckers!

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A repeat cum-eater wanted to have a few loads, so I dumped 3 into his mouth, while I face-fucked him.  The video is on his xtube profile to showcase his talents as a slut.